Would You Like to Take a Peek?

Part of the reason why I haven't been able to blog as much is because I have been working on my shop for the handbags.

Would you like to take a peek? I'm adding new product everyday - so keep checking over here:) www.meridian110.com

I decided to use bigcartel as a platform. So very easy to set up and perfect for my size.




My dear and talented friend Kaho from Chuzai Living is the first stylist & photographer in residence. I will be featuring more of her photos on the site - meanwhile you can check out her lovely post right here

Any feedback is highly appreciated - what do you think?



  1. Come on!! Love the site and I am drooling over your caleidescope bag - you have some serious talent, hon - I'm going to pin that bag right now :) but I kind of hope no one buys it so I can save up, lol!

  2. aaahh sudah buka ya, leet ... sukses ya ;)

  3. I WANT the Passionably Red Ikat Shoulder Bag. I'm putting it on my wishlist for Valentines/Mother's/Birthday List. Is everyone listening?!?! I'm going to have to send that link to people lol.

  4. Your shop looks fantastic! Seriously beautiful! One, I'm really really into a little neon, and the first back on your page is just gorgeous!

  5. @65dad755b0997a3268570a9a00aee30c  I am So Glad you can relate! Thank you!

  6. @3d2a795aa4c8c78530a2f0ee2f4c6891 @symbiotic_life Rach, thank youu. I love the red ikat too and it has got a lot of interest.

  7. @10Rooms BTW - wait until you see a pic of my cat with the Kaleidoscope - coming up on the lookbook :D:D:D


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