The Red in the Winterberries

The area where I live has quite an amazing soil. Everything grows gloriously around here. It's one of the reason why I'm blessed with this kind of garden. When strolling around the neighborhood I always make it a point to take some shots of what's sprouting and what's thriving.

The winterberries are quite happy these days. Those li'l spheres are just bursting with colors. I like that they make "appearance" as the red beads in this oh-so-lovely necklace. The red balloons taken by Michelle Holden are sporting that same bold hue that takes away winter drab. And the outdoor lanterns...well they are just so dreamy, I want 'em in my backyard.


Hmmm, I can also envision the necklace styled in so many different outfits. How would you do it? 


  1. aaah, perpaduan foto yang keren :)

  2. here, everything is still covered in snow. love your splash of colour!!!

  3. So my garden is definitely lacking in winterberries!

  4. I love winterberries. I have to say your garden is one of those which I find so inspirational. The spring is one of my favorite times of year. I just want to run out to my local gardening shop and pile tons of things into my garden. I have no idea what I'm doing so I manage to pace myself but I still love looking at others. Hmmm a winterberry necklace eh? Maybe with a neutral monochromatic outfit to let it pop out? 

  5. @symbiotic_life  I like the monochromatic idea! I'm still learning myself and it could be overwhelming. I think the key to gardening is to focus on small section at a time. Do share when you run out to the nursery and start planting!

  6. @a36d7f8e1675fbb4e024d545843b70d8  the ones I shot above is from the neighbor :-) I don't have one either - but definitely wanting it!

  7. Makaciiiiiiiii Fenty Fahminnansih 

  8. Will do! For now, I'm keeping my gardening to containers. :( I may be moving within the next year or two so I'll want things to come with me. I don't suppose you know if there's a type of rose that does well in a container? :D

  9. OH are you moving back to the states or still in UK?

    Most roses except the climbers should do great in containers. Larger the better. But if they are too cumbersome to move around, just plant the mini roses. So adorable and pretty!

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