In Progress: The Driveway Project

This is the reason why we had to do something about the driveway:


Oxalis. Oxalis. Oxalis. Weed. Weed. Weed. 
So unflattering.


Plus, I want to experiment with something a li'l different. Hence experimenting I am.

First, I got rid of everything that I could scoop out from the lively rectangular in the middle - trying to get the roots of all the unwanted living weeds - a very hard thing to do, indeed. Note: when removing weeds, you gotta go for the end of the roots, really. And try not to shake the soil off the plant to avoid the chance of them growing back.

Second, in the ideal world, I would level out the surface. But it was so hard to do and I didn't have the right tool, so I just skipped to number three~

Third, I layered the "clean" area with weed control landscape fabric. You can easily get this cool stuff at the home improvement stores or Amazon if you like shopping online. Note: when doing this, make sure that you put some pebbles or rocks or anything heavy so the wind doesn't keep blowing the fabric away. (*cough* - lesson learned!)

Fourth, I started layering pebbles. Loved, loved, the feeling and the sound of them colliding with each other.  Note: measure the space that you want to layer before you buy and ask the store how much you'd need for area to avoid triple trips to get enough amount of stones. (Hi, did I tell you I was experimenting?)

Fifth, I played around with the designs. See, I wanted to see if I had a knack for landscape design create some texture to add interests in this otherwise a plain jane rectangular driveway. I was so excited when I found these gorgeous slates, of which I proceeded to create mosaic effect with - just in a few small areas. Note: Umm, yeah, laying random pattern isn't as random as it sounds. It required TONS of thinking, back and forth, do over, and patience! Plus, when I got these slates I didn't even had a certain design in mind...Hello there, landscaper pros - how would you do it?

Sixth, at last the design came together okay. Plus the placement of the succulents too! Oh, did I forget to tell you that I am so curious to use succulent in my yard? Here's a sneakpeek - but I'm not finished yet...because it was getting chili!


TO BE CONTINUED next weekend - hopefully the sun is still going to be out!

What do you think so far? Any advice for this humbled inexperienced wannabe landscaper?


  1. Hi, Starlet! It looks great to me! I'm not a landscaper either, but it looks like it is coming along very nicely. Good luck with finishing it next weekend!

  2. How cool - thanks for the DIY

  3. ahaay, cakep jadinya ... creative banget kamuuu :-*

  4. I'm not an landscaper. I'm a home owner who's done something similar and I definitely learned some lessons the hard way. I learned how much I hate weed cloth because it only stops the weed for a little while before it gets weather worn/torn/weak and weeds then grow through it. I've learned that once they've grown through it, it's doubly hard to pull those weeds. I've learned that dirt settles into the stones on top of the weed cloth and the weeds then grow in THAT! I almost feel like weeds have given me PTSD at this point lol. I learned trying to buy gravel/pebbles from the hardware store was extortionate and I could've saved myself a lot money finding out where the developers get theirs and buying it in bulk delivery. I found out that those pebbles and gravel have hidden legs that they like to kick out of their bottoms at night while everyone's sleeping and they saunter off to have a few beers down at the local dive/bar/pub only to be too drunk to find their way back home in your drive. I wish you the best of luck and am really curious as to what the end product will look like.

  5. I think your project is awesome (and I'm also glad I live in an apartment in NYC. I wouldn't have the creative genius for that! Nice job!)

  6. It looks beautiful. Will you be able to keep it watered? I love your blog and while this was my first visit I plan to return. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary


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