I've been tagged, for Handbag

Tanya, an artsy and creative gal from the very cute and useful blog Dans le Townhouse has tagged me.

A while ago she shared with us her cute orange purse that weighs 5 lbd :P and its content. Since she tagged me, I get a shot to do the same. It took me a while,...I know, shame on me. But hey, better late than never, right?

So here it is my handbag, in its current condition, no editing. I'm surprised by how little I carry these days, actually. 


I made this handbag myself, from an old batik fabric. I don't remember what kind of fabric the beige one is :P Took me about 5 hours to finish this baby, and I'm quite proud of it. I even put a satin lining inside, just a simple off-white color; I wanted to put more focus on the beautiful batik pattern.

Simple and easy flower embellishments from the fabric left over...These took me a while to make, I'm not that patient when it came to hand stitching!


It's got the shape of a satchel with double handles and top zip closure that goes to halfway on the sides.

And finally, the content, in one simple shot. As I said, I'm quite surprise, since I usually carry the world in my purse!

What you see are:

  • Coco Mademoiselle travel size lotion, my current favorite lotion!
  • Hopelessly Devoted to Pink from Benefit, a super sweet color palette with a heart shaped mirror with three shades of glosses and eye shadows, so you can do a quick touch up on the go
  • LV wallet to hold my card holder, phone, and small notebook
  • Lodis mini card holder (highly recommended, since it's so compact and hold plenty of cards. So easy to run errands with, you just put it in your pocket and you're ready to go)
  • Pink travel comb
  • Ice breakers
  • Samsung Windows Phone whom I have a love hate relationship with
  • Small notebook
  • Anthropologie receipt for Decorate(Holly's book, if you haven't you really should get it! Once it's in your hands, you'd know why.)
  • Happy Birthday card from Sephora, which I really should take advantage of since April is pretty much over today!

Now, I'd love to welcome these gals to share their purse or handbags as well:

The lovely KT from KT's refinishing school
Jennie Prince from a chic blog the Odessa May Society

Fenty from FentyFahmi blog
My cuz Sophie from Sophie Ala Mode
DW from the Diplo Wife

No particular rules, share your purse / handbag, share its content, if you don't mind, and tag others if you'd like.

Tanya, it has been a fun post to write, so thanks for tagging me.

edited on 5/9: I'm going to add a tag to Kaho from ChuzaiLiving :)


  1. Yay - I'm glad you posted this! I LOVE the purse you made. It is seriously gorgeous and well worth the wait!!

  2. Thanks for the tag! I did a What's In My Purse a few months back but really need to get a new purse for the summer. When I do, I'll be sure to play along :)

    P.S. I love that bag! You are so creative :)

  3. This looks like so much fun! I will definitely join in. Thank you!

  4. OMGosh this is such a fun post to do! And I can't believe you made your own handbag! WOW. I must practice sewing some more! What kind of sewing machine do you use?

  5. What a cool purse you made! I can't believe you only spent 5 hours for it!!! It is beautiful! I recognized that it was batik fabric before you mentioned. :) I also enjoyed seeing the content! I need to get "Decorate" book. I know. Why am I waiting? I wish I could carry a small bag. I don't carry diapers for my girls any more, but my bag looks huge. Downsizing is what I need.

  6. @Tanya: merci boucoup girl!

    @KT: thanks :) and I cannot wait for your new purse post :)

    @Jennie Prince: looking forward to it, hun!

    @thediplowife: I cannot believe that I actually finished this bag LOL. Looks like you started some sewing project already :) I used a baby hello kitty janome.

    @Kaho: Thanks Kaho. Those 5 hours were not without some eyebrow churning, cursing, and crying LOL! I'm happy that you recognized the batik. I LOVE this heritage fabric and will continue using it for my projects. What kind of bag do you have? I shall tag you too, actually!

  7. yang depan itu bukan kain belacu ya ? hehehe, i don't know, what it called in English :p makasih di tag! boleh 2 gak ? hehehehe :d

  8. @Fenty: Kayanya sih ya hehe. Kain murah meriah kok. 2, 3, or more, you set the rule, girly!
    I'm excited that you'll be joining in :)


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