A Slice of Turkey at Carmel by the Sea

No, no, not the turkey we had for Thanksgiving...I meant Turkey, the country that is synonymous with their luxury towels and their intricate art, architecture, and design.

Just in time when I was still covered in jealousy from reading Holly Becker's Istanbul vacation {I mean, what a treat, to be able to spoil your eyes with that much color explosion every where you turn!} we found this place during our one night trip at Carmel by the Sea.

Here's how the story went..

After an incredible breakfast at Carmel Belle to start our day (the truffled egg toast is out of this world!), the ladies were itching to visit a store just around the corner. We acted like a couple of moths hypnotized by the light...except, not only do they have beautiful lightings and lanterns...they mostly carry these babies *gasps*:

I had my eye on several of them: those pink ones, the blue, the ones with big flowers on the legs.... - of course, none of the size work out for me...just my luck!! All are beautifully handmade in Turkey, no pairs are the same. So I'm hoping on my next visit, there would be something made specially for moi. 

I had to bring home a couple of those beautiful lanterns though. Please, it would be a mistake not to! I got a purple one and hubby picked out a blue one - the more I look at those two, the more I like them!! We're not sure where to hang them yet...maybe above the sink next to the red pendant? On top of the bath tub? In the bedroom? Hmmmmmm...plenty of possibilities!

If you are curious, the store is called Artemis and here is their website

Not sure what's with me and my camera, I didn't take the pics of the lanterns that I got when they were still in the store!! And now, since I haven't hang them yet...I can't really snap a good picture of them :( 

So we'll have to wait til I find them a great home...while drooling over those pink boots...

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  1. Wow..such a lovely store..love those pretty colors...


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