What to Consider when Choosing a Window Style

When it comes to making a decision on the best type of windows for a job, the final choice should be based on both appearance and practicality. It’s not just about how the window looks from the outside, it should also be about how the window opens from inside and how practical it is for those who live in the building and have to open it everyday.

The Most Suitable Window Style

When replacing windows in an older building, the result should not be too different from the original style. It is possible to replace an original sash window with a new double hung window, with sashes supported by spring balances, but other types of windows also make suitable replacements, including traditional casement windows or awning windows with a section that will tilt open.

Gothic style and latticed windows can also be refitted using modern or traditional materials. Some can even be fitted with secondary glazing. Paned windows are a feature of some old style properties, and also in some modern versions of classic architecture. Many modern windows are often double or triple paned. In the past these would be made with separate panes of glass that were held together with wooden glazing bars. Now paned windows are usually made with a single piece of glass and purely decorative glazing bars.

Any modern building will benefit from the installation of replacement windows. Contemporary window styles have a lot more flexibility. Anything that is not a fixed window can be made to tilt or slide opening outwards or inwards from the top, the bottom or the side.

The Most Practical Type of Window

Windows should always be chosen for practicality as much as for style. Tilt and turn windows, for example, come with a combination of hinges so they can be opened either from the top or from the side. This type of window is often found in newly built properties and also makes a suitable replacement for older windows. They are adaptable enough for use in rooms on upper stories, as well as at ground floor level, and the cleaning of outside surfaces is made so much easier because they open inwards.

Ventilation is another very important consideration when choosing a window. A large fixed picture window may prove impractical during the summer months if the building is not air-conditioned. A kitchen or a bathroom window can be fitted with an extractor fan, but windows in bedrooms and living rooms should have at least one section that can be opened for ventilation. All modern windows come with safety fixtures such as locks and restrictors that prevent them from being fully opened from the outside.

The Best Choice of Window
When fitting replacement windows or installing new ones, the type of window you choose should depend on more than just the type of property where it’s being fitted. Modern windows come in forms that are suitable for both contemporary and traditional homes. The best choice will be a window that does not look out of place and is a suitable match for the style of architecture.
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