Here’s How to Declutter Your Garden in a Weekend

You remember my garden? I haven't been outside in a long time...  some part looks way overgrown and some just look plain tired.

To give garden a new life, sometimes all we have to do is simply clean it up. So here's my list for the weekend - hoping to inspire me and you!

Remove Non-Essentials and Redundant Items

Take a look at the big furniture pieces and garden accessories in our space. Think about whether or not you have really gotten full use out of it in the calendar year. If you have items you have no use for any more, donate them or sell them if they are still in good shape. Simply throw out items that have rusted or are too dirty to give away. We just got rid of rusty tomato cages and it made such a HUGE difference!

Take Stock of Your Plants

If your flower beds are looking overgrown to the point where you cannot discern where one plant ends and another begins, it’s time to de-clutter. Remove the plants that are overgrown (tomatoes, oh, tomatoes!), difficult to maintain, or take up a lot of space in the garden. Carefully dig out the plants, taking care to remove the entire root. Transplant to a pot. From there, you can move the flowers to another location, keep them indoors, or donate them to a neighbor. My neighborhood just created a garden club, so it really is perfect timing!!


Fill in the holes by reorganizing your remaining flowers. Although really hard not to, this is not the time to go buy new ones. Organize the flowers in a way that will make your garden look much more coordinated. One way to do this is by arranging the plants from short to tall or by color. By organizing your flower bed, your garden will look much less cluttered in only a weekend’s worth of effort.


One of the biggest ways to de-clutter your garden is to clean up your landscaping. It is the cheapest and least taxing option for giving your garden a whole new look in only an afternoon. Rake up leaves and use them in your garden. Clear the moss off your paths so to make an easy transformation to your garden. Wash down your shed windows, get rid of algae and moss and check the shed for rot, especially on the floor. If the shed is on its last legs then think about getting a new one. Online shed sites like Shedstore have a great selection. De-cluttering your garden can transform your outdoor space into a place where you can relax and enjoy nature at its best.

Best part, a weekend per project and just little things make a pretty impressive difference! Any other tip to share?
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