The Laundry Room Project and Ideas

How much do you enjoy doing laundry?

I very much do - except for the ironing part,  I love the act of sorting through the clothes, spot cleaning, putting the little laundry pods, and getting freshly dried beautifully scented clothes.

Currently our washer and dryer live in the garage - it's an ideal spot really, except, there are a few kinks that we would love to update: from layout, function, and visual. Honestly, nothing horrible, nothing that we cannot live without..but every now and then when I swipe through a parade of gorgeous laundry room inspirations on Houzz, I cannot help but fantasizing! YOU know what I mean!

small laundry room via Better Homes and Garden

See, this is how things are laid out currently in the garage. We have the luxury of parking on our residential street without any regulation or limitation, so the garage is essentially our storage slash whatever it needs to be =)

Issue 1: Location of washer and dryer is on the wrong opposite site. With the way the gas and water pipe were installed, the washer and dryer are on the far end of the room - and the doors are back to back. Just a little bump when transferring the clothes - not seldom, I'd drop one little sock or t-shirt, when in a hurry! Horrible? No. Annoying? Uhhuh. We're all about user friendliness, right?

Issue 2: Mr. Dryer doesn't have access to the outside to vent out. We put the end of the vent pipe right next to our big HEPA air purifier - hoping it would help the situation a bit.

Issue 3: No place to hang the clean clothes. Yes, we could add a rolling rack...but honestly, there is no more space. We could do this....

But for now we're utilizing the bar on a track lighting in the man cave next door to hang our clothes. Just. don't. come. when. we. do. laundry.

Issue 4: Garage is a garage...I cannot really (nor do I want to) have it all glam up! I am thinking either ultra modern industrial or ultra rustic industrial! But not messy laundry garage.

Not a laundry room per se, but I'd really love a well laid out dedicated laundry space like this. Lovely decoration is a plus =)

To achieve this new layout, the contractor would have to extend gas and water pipes across the room. Not really wanting to tear down the wall, I don't mind exposed copper pipes. (Hence the industrial approach). I mean, just look at these images:

via (actual source unknown)

Kohler brockway sink in a vintage rustic look via Blood and Champagne

Vintage rustic laundry room via Elle Decor
 Galvanized wash tubs for the laundry room via Linda Thompson

Laundry room in a garage with exposed yellow walls via Real Simple

Here's what would be in the laundry area:

A nice big sink - I cannot decide between these 3 utility sinks from Modern Bath!
Option 1: white vessel sink by Hansgrohe
Option 2: hand hammered copper sink by Houzer
Option 3: bamboo farm sink by Alfi
Honestly, I love a lot of these vessel sinks and am having a hard time choosing!

Complete with these type of faucet- to go with our new exposed copper pipes
Option 1: wall mount faucet with cross handles by Kingston Brass
Option 2: copper handheld faucet with cross handles by Whitehaus
Option 3: pull down kitchen faucet in copper by Danze

For decor and finishes: 

  1. Industrial cage pendant in weathered zinc by Kichler Lighting
  2. An industrial looking wall clock via farmhouse
  3. White clothes bar for hanging on the top - adjustable width to get to that just perfect length
  4. Stainless steel counter top
  5. Rolling laundry cart with storage in the bottom
  6. A stylish silver resin waste basket to match the stainless steel look
  7. Something green like these euonymus, naturally!
And as the cherry on top, how about this uber cool laundry symbols print (found on Etsy) to help us decode our loads?

Simple, functional, and visually pleasing!

What do you think? Do you have a dedicated laundry room at home? Do you have fun ideas to share on how to decorate the space?

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