How to Give an Old Side Table a Contemporary Makeover

Say you have an old side table at home and you are tired of looking at it. You love the piece itself, the shape the overall feel of it, but it is old and tired and it needs to get a contemporary makeover. We are here to help you with an easy step by step guide on how to update your table.


Give that old tired side table a new coat of fresh paint. Remember this little baby I did a while back? (Hint: it was an old tired red!)

Doing a nice new paint job can transform it instantly. If you want to move away from the standard look of stain or the older colours that were there all you have to do is mix up a nice fresh, bold colour, black or deep brown or even something like orange and strawberry red. Houzz has some great colour paltette ideas.

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Carefully taking the old top off a side table and replace it with something new and unique to give it a contemporary look. You can choose something natural such as mirror, granite, marble or slate or perhaps go for a distressed wood or fresh bamboo. You can even go as far as to cover something with fabric or wallpaper. Get creative.

Legs, Hardware and Embellishments

If you don’t want to get a new top you can switch the current legs out for new ones often they will be easy to remove. Say you have a side table with curved cabriole style legs, you can replace them with something straight or chunky to give it an update. We all remember this uber cool transformation of the sewing machine table by Tanya at Dans le Town

Or, if you just want to take the easy route, want something modern with clean lines, order a new one. Tip: buying new doesn't mean that you can't get a unique look - you don’t have to get the same thing as everyone else. From some stores, like Zespoke you can get something a lot more customized to your taste.

Accessories for Styling

Accessorizing is not just for dressing. By adding in some fresh candlesticks in crystal or gold, vases, bowls, picture frames, anything that is already contemporary you can give the side table an instant fresh look. Simply think about what your budget is and what the rest of your home style looks like and you will know what you can add.
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