Tweaks and Maintenance that Can Give You a Child Proof Outdoor Area

Gardens are very attractive to small children. They are just the right size to look the flowers in the eye and see the bugs on the ground. Since they love it so much, it’s a shame to make the garden off-limits to little ones. Parents, why not make your garden child-proof as possible? How?

The Dirt Looks Tasty

If your child is still at the age where everything they can pick up will need to be tasted, it’s a good idea to keep your garden as clean as you can. The main concern is pet faeces in the dirt, which can be removed fairly easily if you see it. It’s also a good idea to avoid toxic pesticides that may end up in the dirt.

Fences Serve a Purpose

You can put up a fence around your garden to keep children in and unwanted animals out. However, if the fence is not properly maintained, it serves no purpose. You can be sure that a curious young child will find the break in the fence and be delighted to get through. If you fence is built with iron nails, make sure they are well hammered in, so you child can’t scratch him or herself and require a tetanus injection. Make sure to buy fencing direct from a reliable site that gives the most affordable deal.

Fire Alarm

Fire pits and barbeques are a great part of outdoor living, and they are very attractive to children too. Both coal and gas barbeques can cause severe burns, and a child should never be left alone in the vicinity of any fire. Even when the cooking is finished, the barbeque can remain hot for a long time especially the coal-burning type. If a child does get burned, put some ice on it and bring him to the emergency room.

The Tool Shed

Tool sheds are fascinating because they are often a mess inside and there seems like lots of interesting stuff there especially for children. All garden tools including hammers and secateurs should be kept in a safe place that is locked. The weed killers and pesticides should also be kept inside on a high shelf. Poisonous chemicals should never be stored in old food containers. Children can’t tell the difference between lemonade and yellow poison.


Any toys left in the garden should be age-specific for your child. They can choke on small things and pull big things like a bicycle on top of themselves. If you want your child to be free in the garden, all clutter should be removed such as rackets, bats and glasses.

Water Safety

Children can drown quickly even in very little water. If you have a wading pool, stay with your child at all times and empty the pool when it’s time to go indoors. If you have a permanent pool, make sure you have secure fencing all around it and that there are not chairs or tables near the fencing that can be used to climb on and get over the fence. Glass fencing is recommended because it is the most difficult to climb over and you can see the pool at all times. Remember, your friend’s pool is also dangerous when you go visiting.

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