Landscaping Ideas for the Novice Gardener

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably find it a little difficult to make the time to keep your garden looking beautiful and full of life all throughout the year. Oh yap, that happens to me, the accidental gardener. This lack of upkeep can be down to a number of different factors. For some (myself included), it’s a matter of not having enough time to invest in maintenance and for others it’s a case of not having the skill to keep the area looking prosperous and pristine. Regardless of if you’ve a green thumb or not, there are a number of valuable landscaping ideas that even the most inexperienced of gardeners should take notice of.

Flower Bed Edging 

This is a very simple task that, when done correctly, will add a clean and crisp look to your flowerbeds. It’s best to go for a rigid edging and do not use plastic. In order to get the job done correctly, you’ll need to have a garden hose, a lawn edger, stakes, a hacksaw, and a rubber mallet at your disposal. Use the edger for excess sod removal and to create the edging. Continue by tapping this with the mallet, adding your stakes and trimmingthe edging with a hacksaw. Edging the flowerbeds in your garden is an extremely quick, easy to do and inexpensive way to improve its overall look.

Plant A Fruit Tree 

Fruit trees are a true representation of nature and growth, so what better way is there to add a touch of life to your dull and interesting outside space? First and foremost, you must take the time out to choose the type of fruit tree that you would like to plant in your garden. Visit a specialist nursery fruit trees supplier in your area to discuss all of the options that are available to you and he/she should also be able to offer you some valuable advice on the project. Once you’ve made your decision as to which tree best suits your space, ensure that you dig a hole that’s wide enough to allow the tree’s roots to grow freely.

Flagstone Path to Your Garden 

Adding a beautiful stone path to your yard/garden can really give it an elegant curb appeal. If you’re a person who does not like the idea of having too many flowers and plants to take care of, a flagstone path is a particularly great idea as it, when built correctly, can truly look spectacular.

Plant Some Marigolds

Planting marigolds is one of the simplest ways to brighten up even the dullest of yards. It’s important to note that marigolds thrive in any kind of soil but they do need to be planted in the area of your garden that gets the most sunshine. It’s always best to plant the seeds approximately 2-3 feet apart and ensure that they get the attention and care that they need to remain looking bright and full of life. As you’ll have noticed by now, you don’t need to be a gardening fanatic to keep your outdoor spaces looking attractive and blooming all year round.

The landscaping ideas that are outlined above are ideal for novice gardeners as they can be easily implemented and easily maintained.
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